Lightning Roulette – Rules & Strategies for This Fast-Paced Game

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Last Updated: December 22, 2023

lightning roulette

As one of the most popular gambling games in land-based and online casinos worldwide, roulette comes in many variations.

When it comes to the online gambling landscape, Lightning Roulette is certainly one of the most fascinating variants of the wheel-based game.

In this guide, we’ll review the unique rules that make Lightning Roulette different from other variations. We’ll highlight the perks that make it so alluring, but also the potential downsides of this game.

Lastly, you’ll learn the best strategies for playing this unusual and exciting game. Read on to find out everything you should know about Lightning Roulette!

What Is Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is an in-house product of the renowned online casino software provider Evolution Gaming. This company is known as the premier live casino game provider, providing its players with immersive and cutting-edge live casino games.

Evolution launched Lightning Roulette back in 2018, and the game became an instant hit. Its lineup of unique features made it a favorite among live casino roulette players.

Lightning Roulette features all of the elements of a standard live casino roulette game. You can see the live dealer and the roulette wheel and can make all of the standard bets available in classic European roulette.

However, the most notable difference is that Lightning Roulette includes an RNG Lucky Number feature. During every spin, between one and five Lucky Numbers on the wheel are struck by lightning.

If the ball lands on any of these numbers, the winnings are multiplied anywhere between 50x and 500x. This provides the potential for much more rewarding payouts than the 35:1 you can get in standard roulette games.

That said, this does come with a tradeoff. All non-multiplied Straight-up bets offer a payout of 29:1. This adjustment has been made to ensure that the odds are still in the casino’s favor. Apart from this change, all other standard roulette bets pay out the same as in any classic roulette variation.

How to Play Lightning Roulette

If you have any experience playing classic versions like European roulette, the good news is that this variation is very similar to the standard game. Every round begins with the players placing their bets.

After a short betting period, the live dealer will announce that the betting round is over. They will then reveal the RNG Lucky Numbers for that spin and read out the multipliers for each one.

The wheel will then spin automatically, and the ball will land in one of the 37 pockets. The dealer will then call out the winning number, and you will be automatically paid for the bet if you win. A new round starts again with the players placing their bets.

As for the RNG Lucky Number Feature, it’s impossible to know which number will be lucky on the next spin. The specific numbers, as well as the multipliers attached to each of them, are only determined once all of the bets have been placed.

Lightning Roulette Strategy – The Best Way to Bet

The most straightforward betting strategy to use for Lightning Roulette is to simply bet the same amount for every spin.

This is commonly known as the flat betting strategy and is a safe and easy system suitable for beginner Lightning Roulette players.

That said, it’s just one of many strategies you can explore when playing Lightning Roulette. More commonly, players decide to use positive or negative progression betting strategies when playing roulette.

We’ll outline the most popular example of both to help you choose the betting system that suits you best:

Positive Progression Betting Systems For Lightning Roulette

Positive progression betting systems are strategies that require increasing your bets after every win and decreasing them after every loss. Here are the most popular examples of positive progression systems you can use in Lightning Roulette:

  • The Paroli System — The Paroli system is a low-risk Lightning Roulette betting strategy, great for novice players. The Paroli is simple to follow. When you win, you double the bet. If you win three times in a row, you should stop doubling the bet and revert to your original bet size. It’s a great strategy primarily for prolonging your sessions rather than helping you quickly recoup losses.
  • The 1-3-2-6 System — This system works similarly to the Paroli betting strategy, but is a bit more complex, as you have to follow the sequence highlighted in its name. It includes setting a base betting unit. As long as you’re winning, you should follow the sequence to know how many base units to bet. After every loss, you should return to your base unit.

Negative Progression Betting Systems for Lightning Roulette

lightning roulette strategy

As you might assume, negative progression strategies involve an opposite approach to the one above. With these betting systems, you need to increase your bets when you lose and decrease them when you win.

Negative progression systems are more common in roulette, and there are more examples of popular strategies you can use. Here are some of the most prevalent negative progression betting strategies for Lightning Roulette:

  • The Martingale System — Martingale is one of the oldest and best-known gambling and betting systems. It’s also a very simple and easy-to-follow system. All you need to do is double your bet after every win. After a loss, revert to your original bet. It’s an exciting but also risky betting system that isn’t for everyone’s bankroll.
  • The D’Alembert System — This system is a more conservative version of the previous one. Instead of doubling after every loss, you should only increase your bet by one base unit. After winning a bet, decrease your bet by one betting unit.
  • The Fibonacci System — This betting system is based on the famous Fibonacci sequence, in which every following number is the sum of two previous numbers. The sequence goes as 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on. These numbers present your betting units, meaning you should move up the sequence after every loss. After a win, you should move down two numbers in the sequence.
  • The Labouchere System — This betting strategy was specifically designed to be used for roulette. To use it, you need to set a sequence of numbers you will follow when placing bets. It’s a fairly complex system, as the sequence you create should abide by certain rules. Considering this, it’s a system more suitable for experienced Lightning roulette players.

Using Strategies in Lightning Roulette – An Important Note

Depending on your playstyle and preferences, any of the betting strategies can be a viable pick for Lightning Roulette. That said, there’s one important consideration you should always keep in mind.

Roulette betting strategies are primarily meant for even-money bets. And, while you can certainly place these in Lightning Roulette, it defeats the purpose of this variation.

So, while it’s still smart to stick to outside bets, you can use these roulette strategies for Straight-up bets. Naturally, it’s a much riskier strategy, but the payout multiplier makes it worth it. 

Additional Tips for Playing Lightning Roulette

tips for lightning roulette

Using one of the betting strategies we discussed above is a great way to ensure you’re playing optimally and making the most out of the money you have.

That said, there are a few additional things you should keep in mind, as they can help you have a more enjoyable and successful time. Here are five top tips for playing Lightning Roulette:

  • Understand the Base Game — Lightning Roulette can certainly be mesmerizing with its tempting 500x multiplier, but it’s essential not to disregard the fundamentals. Make sure you understand how a classic online roulette game works. Know the roulette table, all of the bets, and the odds for each of them. Ideally, practice with classic online games for free first to ensure you’ve mastered the game’s basics.
  • Split Your Bets — The payout for the Straight-up bet in Lightning Roulette is significantly lower than that in other roulette variations. Because of this, betting on single numbers is even more unfavorable long-term than in classic roulette. With that in mind, consider splitting your bets to maximize your winning chances. Preferably, stick with bets that cover anywhere up to 12 numbers.
  • Set A Strict Bankroll — No matter if you follow our advice and spread your bets or not, one aspect you should never disregard is creating a dedicated bankroll. It’s important to set strict limits when playing Lightening Roulette. This will ensure you’re playing within your budget and help you avoid chasing losses or losing more than you can afford.
  • Place Smaller Bets — Most live casino roulette players make bigger bets than they should be. In line with the previous tip, it’s crucial to know how big your bet should be compared to your total bankroll. A general rule of thumb is to bet 1% to 2% of your total bankroll on any single spin. Any amount over that is potentially putting your bankroll at risk.
  • Use Live Casino Bonuses — Much like other live casino games, Lightning Roulette isn’t as favorable for casino bonuses as some other online games because of the wagering contribution. Nevertheless, claiming bonuses helps boost your bankroll and gives you more playing time. This can be especially valuable if you’re a beginner with a tight bankroll.

Ready to Play Lightning Roulette?

If you’re a fan of roulette, Lightning Roulette is certainly a variation worth exploring. Although it shares many similarities with standard European roulette, the RNG Lucky Number addition makes it a very enticing game.

Plus, as the game is available in both online and land-based casinos, it’s easy to find and convenient to play. Moreover, Lightning Roulette is just one of such games in Evolution’s lineup.

This casino software provider has also produced Lightning Blackjack, Lightning Dice, and Lightning Lotto, among a few other variations.

So, if you like playing for big multipliers, make sure to explore what Lightning Roulette and other games in this lightning selection have to offer!

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