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Last Updated: February 27, 2024

You should try Joker's Jewel if you love classic and simple slots. Like most slots, it features a 5×3 grid layout and five paylines that are unmodifiable.

Joker's Jewels slot remains a favorite among many gamers due to its elaborate and brightly colored symbols, which are unique compared to those of other online slots.

The game features purple reels shaped, which makes them stand out. Just above the reels are flashing lights that enhance your mood and encourage you to continue playing. The game also features a punchy circus track, making you feel like you're watching a juggling performance.

Joker's Jewels doesn't come with any bonus feature, a deal breaker for players who want to boost their earnings. Its main selling point is the simple gameplay.

Also, you can play Joker's Jewels for free through the free demo feature to learn the game's basic rules before investing real money. Below is an in-depth Joker's Jewel review!

Joker's Jewels Slot Details

  • RTP: 96.5%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Max Win Multiplier: 1000x
  • Bonus Rounds: No
  • Free Spins: No
  • Provider: Pragmatic Play

How to Win Joker's Jewels Slot

jokers jewels slot demo

Joker's Jewel's game mechanics are simple yet effective. This game features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines, with a colorful and amusing clown theme highlighted by its vibrant colors.

To win, you must form a sequence with three or more identical symbols on one of the five active paylines from left to right. The amount you win depends on the amount of money you bet and the value of the coefficient of the recurrent symbol.

The Best Bonus Feature of Joker's Jewels Slot Machine

jokers jewels slot free play

If you're looking for a game with a wide range of bonus features, you'll be disappointed to learn that this game is not among them. Joker's Jewels slot machine is a typical no-thrills slot game. And as such, there are no specific Joker's Jewels free spins or other bonus features.

While this may strike as rather boring to many avid slot gamblers, it does ensure that the game is easy to understand and play, especially if you're a beginner.

Although there are no Joker's Jewels bonus rounds to trigger here, there is a lot of action throughout the game in the form of symbol wins. This game features a bonus symbol that looks like a gem-studded crown.

The best thing about this bonus feature is that it doesn't have to occur in a consecutive sequence to generate a win. Also, it doesn't have to be adjacent to a matching symbol. Landing five bonus symbols on a single spin leads to a generous payout of 250x the wager, increasing your chances of getting a higher payout.

Joker's Jewels Symbols & Payout

play jokers jewels free online

Pragmatic Play outdid itself when it came to designing Joker's Jewels symbols. They're brightly colored, elaborately designed, and perfectly match the slot's theme.

Since the Joker's Jewels slot play is limited to the primary game, symbols significantly generate wins. The lowest-paying symbols are the pale and dark blue gems.

When you land three, four, or five of these in a line, you'll get 4x, 8x, or 40x of your stake. Next in line are the jester's shoes and red gemstones, which pay 4x, 10x, or 40x your bet.

Other symbols you should watch out for are the juggling clubs and the lute. When you land three, four, or five of these symbols in a row, you'll get 10x, 40x, or 200x your stake, significantly boosting your winnings.

At the top of the payout tree is the jester. Landing three, four, or five of these on a payline guarantees you 20x, 200x, or 1,000x your stake.

How to Play Joker's Jewels

Joker's Jewels is a one-dimensional game making it easy to play. When you open the game, you'll see a control panel with several buttons at the bottom of the reels.

At the bottom left is the “Credit,” which shows your account balance. Below the “Credit” button is the “Bet” option which shows the amount you're willing to stake.

This section also features an “I” button which indicates the rules and characteristics of the game, and a “Speaker” icon for sound adjustment.

On the bottom right is the “Spin Start” button which looks like looping arrows. The plus and minus signs next to it allow you to select the coin per line and the coin value. Below the loops is the “Autoplay” button that allows you to participate in the game without engaging directly.

Before playing the Joker's Jewels slot, you must choose your bet amount. The minimum amount you can bet is $0.05, while the highest is $25.

Use the Plus and minus signs on each side of the spin button to set your preferred betting amount. As you adjust your bet amount, the betting window normally pops, allowing you to alter more variables, such as the coin value.

After choosing your bet amount, press the “Spin” button. The reels will spin and random symbols will appear on your screen. If you land three or more similar symbols appear in a line, you'll automatically win.

Joker's Jewels RTP & Volatility

Joker's Jewels TRP typically varies from one casino to another. However, the game's official RTP is around 96.5%, which means you're likely to enjoy higher winnings after each play session. The remaining 3.5% represents the house edge.

In terms of volatility, the Joker's Jewels slot has medium volatility. As a result, you should expect to win less frequently. Nevertheless, you'll get a higher payout whenever you win.

Play a Free Demo of Joker's Jewels Slot Game

Playing Joker's Jewels is simple, but some people, especially beginners, may find it challenging. Luckily, Pragmatic Play offers a free demo of Joker's Jewels slot to allow players to practice and learn the game's basic rules before investing their real money.

Take advantage of this feature and play Joker's Jewels for free on our website to learn how the game works. When you're comfortable, you can begin placing real-money bets.

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Since Pragmatic Play entered the gaming industry in 2015, the company has become quite popular among many casinos in the US.

One of the primary reasons for Pragmatic Play's long-term success is the company's emphasis on using the latest technology to produce games. Additionally, the company is licensed by recognized bodies, meaning it offers fair gameplay.

Pragmatic Play specializes in producing a wide range of online casino games, including slots, bingo live casino games, and table games. Joker's Jewels is one of the company's best slots and was well received by casinos.

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Claim a Joker's Jewels Casino Bonus

Many casinos in the US usually offer Joker's Jewels-specific bonuses like free spins to encourage players to try out the game. However, not all casinos provide this bonus.

In such a scenario, exploring other bonuses offered by the casino is essential. For instance, you can take advantage of the welcome, no deposit, reload, and cashback casino bonuses

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